Gaëtan S. 27 years old Case Manager STEF Iberia

I started the course in September 2008. I had fi nished my business school in Nantes and was looking for a challenge. I wanted to work in English and Spanish. In Barcelona, I have a team of 5 people in charge of integrating new customers accounts. This course gives you a genuine wide range vision of all key activities in transport and logistics. This is one of its key feature, particularly for somebody like me who did not know much about the business. I knew this was a dynamic activity, where one never gets bored. I was not disappointed. I was quickly put in the picture. I am in charge, and things are changing all the time. The whole management team in Barcelona is very supportive and always ready to help me progress when I ask questions

Nicolas C. 27 years old STEF Lesquin operations manager

At the end of my studies in agricultural engineering, I had many expectations: I wanted to work for a company with strong human values and offering career opportunities. When I joined STEF in June 2005, I discovered a sincere team spirit among its employees, at all levels. We all share our experiences, we listen to one another, ask questions… the trading of ideas is very real. As I move through the company, I realize that every Management Course participant has a unique experience.

Angel L. 40 years old Chief Executive STEF Iberia (Spain)

I started my Management Course in January 1994. In October, I arrived in Madrid to manage several customer accounts as the new Torrejon STEF branch was launched. I was quickly promoted Head of the Lisbon branch, then Head for Portugal. Promoting the STEF culture and team spirit in Portugal offered an interesting managerial and cultural challenge. Since 2006, I support the development of the Group in Europe, to create a European “trade center” and put in place a management suited to people’s needs.
The opportunity offered by the Management Course to discover every job in the fi eld is one of the key plus of the program. Participants learn to face very different situations. My experience has taught me that a good manager can make his employees grow by sharing his expertise.

Emmeline M. 26 years old Operation manager STEF Logistique Santé at Reichstett

During my course, I went through many positions and held various transversal missions. I really liked that. I quickly had to deal with customers. This was a learning experience for me, coming so soon after my studies at INSA Lyon. I got a lot from it. Every situation is an opportunity to enrich yourself if you want to. You have to be fl exible, always willing to listen. You must not be afraid to ask questions as there are always answers. And at the end of the day, there is a job with real responsibilities…

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