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Transport is about constantly optimising the logistic network which involves more than 120 sites in Europe. It is about making more than 100,000 deliveries every week by adapting to the everyday...  

Logistical Services

The main concern of the logistical team is providing each client (industry, distribution, catering, private) with their exact order. This means becoming part of the overall logistical operation and...  

IT Systems

STEF Information et Technologies pools all the group’s IT teams working on STEF software and on customer-oriented software. STEF Information et Technologies handles the totality of information...  

Functionnal Support

Functional Experts provide operational support at all levels of our organization: branch, region, country and Group. In touch with the operations of each branch, they can make use of their skills by answering precise requests when needed, during auditing, when more substantial advice is required and when Group resources are employed.  

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