IT Systems

STEF Information et Technologies pools all the group’s IT teams working on STEF software and on customer-oriented software.

STEF Information et Technologies handles the totality of information systems whether they are internal for STEF or dedicated to the industrialists and the distributors of the food sector. Teams of STEF Information et Technologies, which include 180 people, offer reliable solutions in the management of physical and information flows.

Ours skills Information et Technologies

Project Manager

In your job, you monitor the success of the projects and supervise all of the stages. You are supported by a team whose efficiency you are responsible for.

• You assist the customers in the definition of their needs and in agreeing the project contract conditions, within the framework of Agrostar resources;
• You translate these needs into technical solutions and you manage the production of the developments that you have asked for;
• You validate the deliverables that have been carried out;
• You provide support for the customer in the deployment of the product and contribute, if need be, to training the users;
• Throughout the project, you plan and supervise all of the stages.

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