Functionnal Support

They are actively involved in all the projects which have an impact on their area of expertise. Therefore, there are specialists in the areas of management control, sales, human resources, building management systems, refrigeration, transport optimisation, and logistical services at all levels of the Group.
All of these positions offer possibilities to develop in a particular area of expertise within a larger sphere, and, depending on the person’s attributes, paths to operational positions.

Ours skills Functionnal Support

Human Resources

Whether you are responsible for a branch, region or particular operation (transport or logistics), you use your expertise to ensure the presence in the Group of people and skills that guarantee its short, medium and long-term operation and development, whilst respecting the regulations in force and the Group values.

• You encourage the skill development of the Group’s employees by ensuring, with the help of the Group’s resources, their integration and monitoring. You provide ongoing training, and promote their development; you act in permanent consultation with the manager.
• You carry out the search for and pre-selection of employment candidates with a view to meeting the needs of the manager and the organisation within the set deadlines.
• You guarantee that employment legislation is respected in the area that you are responsible for.
• You contribute to working relations and the cohesion of the teams within your operational scope by talking to other employees and by your participation with staff representative bodies.
• You ensure the accuracy of payroll operations and compulsory declarations, as well as the administrative monitoring of employees.

• Branch level: you carry out all of these duties, and, according to the size of the branch, you rely upon a small team.
• Regional level or dealing with a large account: you specialise in one or several duties, you coordinate and optimise the work of the Human Resources Managers on these subjects and provide them with your support.
• National and Group level: you analyse the practices of the sites in your area of expertise, propose and carry out continuous improvement projects.

Technical / Facilities / Vehicle Manager

Whether you are responsible for a branch, region or particular operation (transport or logistics), you use your technical expertise to deal with the company facilities and the refrigerated vehicles, guaranteeing their reliability and optimal performance.

• You participate in drawing up and monitoring the maintenance budget for the area you are responsible for;
• You analyse the necessary preventive maintenance measures and any possible optimisation actions. You request the relevant investments after analysing the different technical solutions possible and comparing the profitability of them;
• You run or support the deployment of new local, regional or national solutions: creation or renovation of a fresh or deep-frozen food site, replacement of a fleet of vehicles…;
• You are responsible not just for yourself, but for your employees and the facilities which you manage. You guarantee that the specific safety regulations concerning the facilities and refrigerated vehicles are respected.

Functional Support Logistics and Transport Roles

Whether you are responsible for a branch, region or particular operation (transport or logistics), you bring your technical expertise to problems of organisation methods, quality and/or health and safety. The higher the level of the organisation, the more specialised the role becomes.


You work in the branch or branches that you cover
• As the regular contact for your area of expertise and for all projects which involve it (responses to tenders, new client demand, and integration of new cases…)
• By carrying out studies, and by proposing analyses, modelling and improvement plans within the sphere that you are responsible for
• By managing the deployment of projects which you have designed or which have been conceived on a larger scale (adaptation of the organisation, training in new resources or processes…)
• By guaranteeing respect of contractual and regulatory obligations and Group procedures within the scope of your role and in relation to the area for which you are responsible (audit of practices, awareness and training).


You ensure the commercial development and profitability of the level you are responsible for (branch, region, particular operation, Group) whilst keeping to budget and adhering to your business area’s strategy and the Group strategy and values, whilst guaranteeing customer satisfaction and respecting operational constraints.
In our organisation, the Key Account Managers, the Regional Sales Managers, the Sales Managers and the Business Managers have the following Assignments:

• Ensuring turnover targets are met by expanding existing accounts and by canvassing clients and potential markets;
• Ensuring the commercial profitability of the accounts in one’s portfolio by negotiating contracts and cost revaluations in respect of national directives;
• Making sure that contracts are implemented properly to guarantee their profitability and customer satisfaction;
• Ensuring coherence of sales and marketing practice at Group level.

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